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    Be mindful of suspicious activity

    We advise all members to be alert to suspicious or unrecognizable approaches from anyone claiming to be from Vancity, either over the phone or via text or email, or website.
    Vancity will never ask you for your full PIN or password or ask you to move money from your account. If you do experience suspicious contact, please call us at 604.877.7000 (Metro Vancouver) or 1.888.826.2489 (Toll-free).

    Find Branch/ATM

    Enter street or intersection, city or postal code.


    While the provincial health orders are in place, we encourage members to use our digital, online and telephone banking services. View our complete list of branches and hours.

    Our commitment to inclusion

    Vancity is committed to becoming an anti-racist organization. It means we believe Black lives matter. It means Reconciliation is one of our core values. And it means we will continue to use the tools of finance and banking to expand economic opportunity for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. Nobody should be left behind. See how we’re working to be more inclusive.

    Read our commitments

    "Load up on Local" to earn 50% more Vancity Rewards™ points for shopping local

    Vancity enviro™️ Visa* campaign seeks to stimulate local economic recovery and support local businesses.

    More news and events

    Membership benefits
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